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The Tomb Weavers nail L.A. noir on this 7” from label-to-root-for Burger Records: shy but immediate vocals (reverb is for the fishes); minor-mode surf guitar flutters punctuated with gagged-fuzz solos; ringing melodic bass; ride cymbal grooves. It’s music to squint and light a cigarette to as you drive off into the desert.

A-side “Andrew” is the more concise statement, juxtaposing rest and outbreak. Melodic phrasing is symmetrical, moving away and back in equal arcs. The cranked and syncopated turnarounds of the chorus break the cool ride of the verse with blistering snare rolls and huge cymbal splashes. It’s calm and collected, in control, lashing out when it wants to.

The Tomb Weavers stretch out a bit more on B-side “Collecting Tyme,” building up jams and dropping them out, elastic with time and form. The drum mix on both of these songs is prominent and crystal clear, highlighting the interacting riffs each instrument builds and morphs. The playing is honest and direct, immediately drawing you in.

So it’s got style, kid, but it’s not a put-on. Then just as quickly as they hook you they dissolve into the ether, hushed guitar fading into ten seconds of silence. Pre-order it here.

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