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The Prefab Messiahs – Psychsploitation


Psych pop wonders the Prefab Messiahs aren’t wasting any time.Since reuniting after a 30 year hiatus (they started in 1981) they’ve stayed busy releasing an anthology of older material, touring, recording a new EP and next month us fans will get a whole new album! While we anxiously await, the band deals out a sample ahead of schedule with the driving “Psychsploitation”.

So what is “Psychsploitation” ? At first I thought it was about those classic campy sixties exploitation movies (The Trip, Psych Out) but it’s actually tied to something more modern. You know that cringey feeling when you’re web surfing starts getting oddly, specific related ads despite having turned off tracking? It’s nearly impossible to not leave a footprint nowadays unless you don’t use a computer, but does anyone still live like that?

Anti-consumerism has always been a cornerstone of the Prefabs (check out that drum kit) and the band puts this unnerving situation to music with a wink and a nod. Set to a bouncy, beat driven tempo evoking that rapid feeling they serve up tongue in cheek lyrics “you think it’s all some kind of game/you’re gonna drive us both insane” sung with a gleeful contempt. The video for it is even better hilariously capturing this sentiment with people walking around through gritted teeth and heads full of bombs, angry monkeys, hammers, storm clouds and literal crap. Don’t forget about the spider heads that turn up later in the video, but I doubt you can after seeing that monstrosity.

The Prefab Messiahs new album comes out on January 26 on Lolipop and Burger Records!

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