Hassle Fest

The Band Blurbs of Hassle Fest 10

A Quick Rundown of who's who at this year's Fest


____highlightreel Mind melting psycho-electro-punk being spewed from Boston’s Media Rins label/collective

!@#$% Vocalized as ‘general expletive’, this Cambridge based electronic dance artist plays Night 1 @ Hardcore Stadium/ The Elks.

Aaron Dilloway Ohian, runner of Hanson Records, founding member of Wolf Eyes, do I have to say anymore?

Abdu Ali Butch Femme Rapper from Baltimore bringing the biggest and baddest rhymes and dance beats to close out the Lilypad Night 2.

ACxDC Reanimated west coast power violence monsters headline ONCE Somerville Night 1.

Ampallang Infection Self described ‘drum machine fueled hyperviolence’ infects your ears at ONCE.

Andy California This garage rocker legend from Brookline plays dirtpatches, basements and baseball stadiums and now storms the stage of Brighton Music Hall Night 2.

Anson Raps Boston rapper w/ Hipstory connections wants you to make art, period.

Beverly Tender Underground pop trio Beverly Tender out of PVD are still wondering what happened to our water.

Billerica Gorgeous bliss-scapes from out in Maine; ecstatic not soporific.

Brain Famine Weymouth intersectional metal combines death metal, thrash and grind for your listening pleasure.

Brandie Blaze An alum of last years fest, Blaze brings back unique rhymes and selfmade beats to the Lilypad Night 2.

Brennan Boston based songstress Brennan brings her soulful tunes to one of the fests many smaller stages @ Gallery 263.

Charlie Looker What if Carlo Gesualdo was catapulted into the future in the form of an extremely talented composer from New York informed by tropes more likely found in noise, metal and industrial music?

Cienfeugos Brooklyn based electronic musician takes their dark, socially conscious dance beats to Hardcore Stadium’s Dance Floor Night 1.

Crisis Actors From BOSTON, Crisis Actors political punch couldnt be more timely or accurate.

Dicksucker This band is perfect from concept to brutal execution and they wear executioner’s masks. Queers To The Front!

DJ Richard Montreal/PVD based electronic musician headlines the electronic dance music set with his inventive, brooding sounds.

dog Room churning out-punk three piece from New York, with yelped vocals more meaningful than anything you’ve said today.

Drahla (UK) The New Art Rock comes from Leeds and makes nosie that’ll make you miss your Sonic Youth and Built To Spill days.

Dreamcrusher Queer Electronic Revolt soundmaker from NYC comes to Boston to keep the bargain their names promises.

Escuela Pittsfield, MA/ Ithaca, NY vicious powerviolence from Hassle Fest veterans.

FLoricane Songs like a meditation session in a rainforest, next to a free flowing waterfall

Fluoride VEGAN grinders from Philly take your mind off a sandwich for a while with ripping tracks.

Forbes Graham Tweaked trumpets with insistent beats and a use of found sound that is rhythmic and narrative.

Funeral Advantage Bummer dream pop with all the feels of your freshman year in college, this year.

Germ House Rhode Island based killers riding a fine line between post-punk and garage rock.

Gizzards Somerville deathrock duo armed with punk rage, armageddon guitars, and a drum machine.

Gracie Givertz Boston based indie folk singer-songwriter brings refreshing melody and poetry to Gallery 263.

Gyna Bootleg & Tamio Shiraishi Providence’s beloved body-transgressive noise hero meets Tokyo/NYC underground sax mangler for a set that will blow the bravest minds.

Haro Caz Rare Footage crew female rapper who will rap all around you & rip ya damn head off.

Human Ignorance Scuzzy as fuck garbage grind from western mass. Smiles with broken teeth, etc.

Ill Addicts South Shore rappers and all around bad-asses get rich together Night 2 @ The Lilypad.

Immobilizer prepare to be paralyzed by this powerviolence/grindcoretet. if you find youself still mobile somehow then get in the pit dammit.

In Heat The most feral kind of Providence subterranean scum rock.

Isabella Boston’s beacon of dankest oulier techno and rave music. Firestarter.

Kenduskeag Underwater, psyched-out ambient loops from Maine.

L.O.T.I.O.N. NYC sewer birthed electro noise punk headline the punk/hc gig co-sponsored by 4 Minute Warning.

Lauren Tosswill Improv Impresario & performance artist, Tosswill brings calculated eccentricity to Studio 550.

Leya NYC based NNA avante duo call forth angels, and maybe even some demons.

Lily and Horn Horse Is it neo-jazz pop or is it just a prank? Lily Koningsberg of Palberta et al can fill you in, or not.

Lina Tullgren From NYC via Maine, Tullgren brings her band and swift, impactful songwriting to the fest to brandish her brand of cutting lyrics and feels.

Michael Rosenstein/ Jesse Kangas-Collins duo Free jazz tussle by two of the city’s finest improvisers on woodwinds, electronics, and other.

Mini Dresses Somerville dream pop trio makes you want to swoon dude.

Minibeast Post-Mission of Burma/Volcano, Sons Peter Prescott’s project brings the same angst, retooled for new ears.

(New England) Patriots The most gripping and most unruly of Boston rockers, this band is definitely NOT your papa’s Pats.

Old Wave The epitome of good time JP feels with Whitehaus roots, Old Wave’s new grooves are as soothing as gazing into the ocean.

Pain Chain Harsh Noise Music at the intersection of performance art and political earnestness leaves nothing unsaid.

Planet of Adventure Their facebook description states ‘Evil but wise hippies’; I thought hippies were all about free love?

Prostitutes Nothing morally or ethically questionable here, aside from the insanity and creativity of the tracks closing out the fest @ the killer dance party the Elks.

Reality Hands Online Zine and Poetry Series fronted by No Glykon showcasing the newest and weirdest of Boston poets.

Red Shaydez thank goodness for local underdog MC, taking us there with “self care” this year. Her empowerment-rap will do nicely with the crew at lilypad saturday.

Robert Beatty (Three Legged Race) Outer limits electronics, travelling further beyond, another sound. From Kentucky.

Sadist Unrestrained punk, Bostons’ Sadist is like nothing you’ve seen.

Scalp The Pioneer Sludgy Boston powerviolence for these fucked up orange tinted times.

Scrolling Absurdist, yet sick, inevitable outcome metal and drum machine collaboration for endtimes.

Service Guttural power rock from deep inside Allston. Service’s new EP ‘Terse’ is a natural bellow from the earth.

Shawn O’Sullivan NYC producer will provide for the gathered electronics music fans via raging live techno deliverence.

Similar Items Salem punkers bring it direct @ the punk/hardcore show night 2.

Solei atmospheric, dream-sequence bass and vocal loops from local doer and muser. If you need chill tunes, choose her.

Solo Termite Exciting ‘post chill-wave’ (is that a thing now?) therapy music you just won’t want to turn off.

Sweetcreem New Bedroom Dream pop at its finest and weirdest to open The Fest Day 1 at the Lilypad.

Taxidermists It’s like rock music that died but stares back at you like your great Aunt’s dead stuffed dog.

Teenage Bed Introspective moody folk, soft & mellow, dark & driving, all the way from Nantes, FRANCE

The Electrician Boston improvisery supergroup of sorts, The Electrician always comes around just when you need them.

The Gories Detroit legends from the late 80s bring their amazing RnB spiked garage punk out to headline Hasslefest 10.

The Laces These teen garage rockers won’t have to worry about breaking curfew when they play Brighton Music Hall Night 2.

Thighs Noise rockers and Hasslers with attitude, this trio introduces you into new phases of your life.

Timeghost Dan Shea of the Boston Hassle writes ‘… a thudding, harrowing, electronic punk meltdown.’

Tortured Skull W Mass/ PVD based hardcore speed metal may or may not torture your skull @ HC Stadium Night 2. depends on u.

Trash Girl lo-fi bedroom pop vibes to prepare for the coming Allston winter.

Twig Harper Storied anti-musician, salvia research pioneer, flotation therapist. Don’t smoke salvia indoors!

Upper Wilds Brooklyn noise poppers hot of the release of their new album ‘Mars’.

Video Filth Boston punks off Nightrider Records coat hardcore stadium in crust Night 2.

Video Nasties Feeding Tube’s Brian Coley says it all: ‘it’s like a horrible trip to the basement with some creepy old dude you hate.’

W-2 NYC saxophone and electronics complications

Wax Chattels (NZ) Three-piece NZ outfit that blends post-post-punk with occult vocals and then flings it all into the void

Wendy Eisenberg/ Damon Smith/ Weasel Walter trio LEGENDS of experimental compositions and improvisations conjure cosmic dissonance in fresh trio.

Will Gabraith A solo fx-ed out ukulele experimentation set from a local wizard

WUME Baltimore duo jamming polyrythms and good ol’ DIY community love.

Blurbs written by Chris Hues, Sam P, Nadav Havusha, Dan Shea, Emma Leavitt, & Sophie Lou.


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