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Tashi Dorji’s guitar style is a beautifully warped vision of the possibilities of six strings – sharing kinship with Derek Bailey and Bill Orcutt, but vibrantly idiosyncratic and glorious to take in. On Number Six is Sacred, a recent cassette for Columbus, OH-based cassette label Cabin Floor Esoterica, Dorji teams with double bassist Frank Meadows for an inventive, exploratory session.

There’s no real beginning or end to the pieces presented to listeners on Number Six. Did Dorji start this idea, Meadows, or did that start together, with only a breath to count them in? Is there a secret, compositional logic to meetings like this, or am I only privy to the dialectical questioning of borders? Moments of calm, plucking bass soothe my worrying, but the confusion always resumes, sometimes in a walking, traditional feel, other times deep in the improv ether.

Totally compelling release from this wonderful label – very, very few copies left, so snag one while you can!

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