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Cutting through the bullshit simple and sparse post-punk from Oakland that manages to be really bouncy and fun despite the sounds they are using to make the music. That’s what I’m pulling away from this s/t debut by STILLSUIT. I’m in need of this kind of therapy right now having dealt with the tar pit like bureaucracy of Boston’s City Hall again today. Female voices (I think) waft above big sounding noise rock riffs out front, coalescing queasily at times as the drummer bashes on forward. Feels like 80s European post-punk via early 2000s noise rock, or maybe how THE YEAHS YEAHS YEAHS sounded at their first couple of shows, maybe (I wasn’t there). Raw, weirdly melodic, and nasty all rolled into one. And that’s just the two-fer available on heir bandcamp. The two songs come from that s/t LP, and I’m going to be looking into getting in on that situation. One member here was in Chicago’s fairly spasm inducing COUGHS back in the day (definitely check out COUGHS friends). Three recordings in and this band is really really doing it for me. Come check out Boston ladies. Please?

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