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Stanislav Tolkachev — Walking Along The Bottom


The latest from the Ukranian Tolkachev is a sparkling reminder of the relentless energy of techno’s origins in Detroit. Three of the four tracks on Stanislav Tolkachev‘s new Walking Along the Bottom on SEMANTICA RECORDS are driving, syncopated balls of fury, rolling on amid a bubbling cacophony of synthesizers and all manner of electronic flotsam. Once it all comes together, though, we are talking serious techno density. “Song About My Neighbors” is the maximum ripper of the lot to these ears. From the sound of things, Tolkachev’s neighbor’s are pretty cool, presented here as crunchy, pulsing synth warp, and sneaky, lurking hi-hats.

“In The Rays Of The Artificial Sun” is probably the standout track on the EP for me, and not because it’s essentially beatless, and thus a world apart from the other excellent tracks found here. No, this is just a serious piece of electronic transcendence. Most psychedelic, this Ukranian ambient techno is kraut-flavored for sure, calling to mind some of JAMES HOLDEN’s recent work. Hazily, drunkenly meandering electro-spew that wraps and twists all about itself, creating a dank wavering syncopation dream as it goes. A new name to me, Tolkachev has been moving further and further onto the world stage for more than a decade now. I am glad to have found his music. I needed it.

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