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This new release of Tplay by SND, the classic Sheffield duo of Mark Fell and Mat Steel is a re-mastered and expanded version of the very first SND release from 1998. Since the original release, the group has reached somewhat of a legendary status within the circle of modern experimental electronic music, as they were among the first to bridge the gap between European avant-garde electronic music and more urban forms of Detroit derivative techno and London two-step. Eventually, SND (and Fell particularly) would become an integral part of an early 2000s movement in electronic music, along with other artists such as Ryoji Ikeda, Pan sonic, Frank Bretschneider, and Alva Noto, among others, who made a very particular brand of intellectually rhythmic electronic music. Extended to include five tracks of unreleased material from the sessions that produced the original release of Tplay, this 70 minute double LP reveals that this is an early stage in the group’s development, as this sounds more like Carl Craig and Robert Hood than it does Ikeda, though hints of the group’s future esthetic are clearly present. While this is more of a straight techno record than the more brainy “glitch” style characteristic of SND’s later work and Mark Fell’s solo ventures, these tracks certainly posses intellectual design, and what they lack in conceptual obliqueness they compensate for in subtle nuance. Fans of Fell and SND should definitely grip this, and those who own the original release will be delighted to hear the unreleased material.

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