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Snapchat, Premium Models, & Feminism

Luna Raise, and the rise of "Pocket Porn."


In the modern age, we use our smartphones for everything from emails, social media, texting, videogames and yes, watching porn. However, women of all ages are beginning to make money by becoming “Premium Models” on Snapchat.

This barely regulated business is becoming a way for college girls to make money for school, or housewives to have fun and make an extra buck. Whatever the reason, it’s a liberating business that defines feminism and offers men an almost intimate “relationship” with the model of their choice.

I was lucky enough to speak with Luna Raise. At 19 years, she’s a superstar in the world of  Snapchat’s Premium Models.

How did you get involved Snapchat modeling?

Luna Raise: I knew a gal about 2 years ago who started doing it and she brought it to my attention. She said I may be good at it.

How old were you then?

LR: I had JUST turned 18.

Are you currently working another profession or in school?

LR: I currently only work Snapchat/Online promoting and marketing. I am also going to school part time.


Can you tell me about your viewers?

LR: The majority of my followers and supporters are male. Although, I do have a decent handful of female supporters…girls who may be in the adult industry or are inspired by self love, and earthy nature.

Is there a community of and communication with other premium models?

LR: I definitely talk to other premium gals and run different groups where we all share ideas and spread love. There is definitely a tight bond between the girls that I talk to daily. I could never talk to everyone who chooses this line of work because there are so many gals, but I’d say the majority of the “prem gals” are friendly and beneficial to the online community.

How is this whole thing regulated?

LR: “Snapchat already cracks down on models daily. There is definitely a line I’d say you can’t cross when it comes to posting and promoting on that platform. But at the end of the day, when it all crashing down, you HAVE to try and try again.”

What does feminism mean to you?

LR: “I guess it is a woman having all the same rights as men, and fighting for those rights. It’s sticking up for those rights. It’s sticking up for wage differences, and getting the appreciation we deserve for raising and creating children. It’s the ability for me to wear whatever the fuck I want and work where I want without being judged or humiliated. I could go on forever…I do think this is a line of work that would fit into that category.”

Anything else you want to tell about yourself?

LR: “I’m a big outdoorsy woman. I love being outside. I have a big appreciation for music. Pro marijuana and woman’s rights. I enjoy making kinds of art. And passionate about my job and fans. I would like my fans to know I appreciate them more than anything. As for my haters, I appreciate them too. At the end of the day, we’re all only human. I think I would want all of them to know they are just as important/beautiful/worthy of love as some girl with an okay IG following. Too much comparison these days, the Internet makes it hard for people to love themselves. And for the people who dog my job, they’re just blinded by ignorance.”

“And,  I don’t refer to myself as I porn star I find it almost insulting. JUST TO CLARIFY I am pro sex work and the porn industry and am not bashing it. I guess you can call it “pocket porn” I’ve heard that many times. But I just refer to it as a premium snap where I post adult content solo/with my husband or some girlfriends. I am my own BOSS. Which makes this a lot different than me being a porn star, or being under some industry. You won’t find me on pornhub, you won’t see me sleeping with randoms or escorting. I’m an online girlfriend, and I enjoy pleasing people virtually. I guess it’s a bit complicated to explain.” 

Thanks Luna!


After I finished interviewing Luna, I thought about how far this new trend could truly go. But then I recalled watching Spike Jonze’s “her” and realized that, as long as there are men and women longing for love and affection, the sex industry, no matter what kind of work, will always be booming.


To see more of Luna, check out her Snapchat and Instagram.

Snapchat: LRaise777

IG: lunaraise_official






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