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SICK THOUGHTS are not for delicate ears. If you’re looking for subtly nuanced sounds and intricately crafted songs this is not for you. Everything is played, written, recorded, and mixed by some kid from Baltimore (he is allegedly 16) named Drew, so I suppose it’s more appropriate to say that SICK THOUGHTS are not a they, rather they are a him, although the live version of this band includes a drummer.

As you might imagine SICK THOUGHTS songs are on the raw end of the spectrum, far from precious, this is about as rough around the edges as it can get. Clammy punk crap that channels THE SPITS at times, and it definitely sounds way better than most things recorded with cheap mics in a bedroom. I keep trying to choose a favorite song from this but it’s really hard, and I also keep trying to think of ways to describe and dissect what is going on here, but something doesn’t feel right about that. Just press play and turn the volume up and don’t think about it too much. “Young and Done” is better than most things that people twice his age take four times as long to write and record. In addition to this record he has posted a bunch more songs up on bandcamp since April. Do what I did, and listen to everything he’s done and then feel really bad about yourself because this kid has written and recorded more songs in four months than you have in the last two years.

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