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Been aware of the sub-scuzz emanations of Baltimore sketchy teen sensation SICK THOUGHTS for a minute or two now. Was even aware that there was a new tape coming out by him/ them, but just found out that the new label that put out the tape, MINA’S WORLD, is a Boston based label, and not only that, but it’s being run by Sonam Parikh (FAST APPLE) with the help of Kurt Egghart and Alex Aronson (who you know from NICE GUYS and MIAMI DORITOS and the like). Sounds like the perfect situation to me.

LAST BEAT OF DEATH is the tape in question and it’s out now or soon, and it’s the label’s first release. SICK THOUGHTS singer Drew Owen’s may be young, but he’s got one of those voices that smells immediately like a sewer right through your speakers. “G.O.O.M.F.” is the available track from the tape and it is of course a scuzzer (cuz SICK THOUGHTS doesn’t make non-scuzzers). Through the slime it is very clear that Owen did not go to college, and I say that because he’s too young to have done so (unless he’s hooked up with the MENSA crowd or whatever) not because his band makes some of the most puerile, debauched sounding garage punk that your mother and her friends will do well never hearing a single note of. Music for spilling 40ozs. to until they’re empty. Also music for throwing said empty 40ozs. @ a brick wall to. And further more, music for getting arrested to, while drunk, with your hands covered in blood. Messy, sloppy, squealing wild fun.

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