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We asked Ruth Garbus some questions before her Hassle Show this weekend!

Ruth plays @ Trendy Shit Town on 2/22 w/ Greef, Grandmother Miracles, Ko T.C. // hit up [email protected] for address


Dan Shea:

What has the response to KLEINMEISTER been like?

Ruth Garbus:
Super nice! Lots of good feedback and internet love. And Orindal Records is just a wonderful, supportive label to be on.

It seems like you’ve been playing a lot of solo shows in support of this record. Is that true, are you putting yourself out there more now than in the past?

I’ve been doing some shows, more than in the past but not anything close to what a lot of musicians do in terms of touring to support a release. I went to California last fall and I’m going back West next month for a short tour and recording session. But I also have been limiting the amount of shows I play in New England so that each one is more of an event, if you know what I mean. Also been doing more experimental improvisatory stuff with Gloyd and solo.

How excited is Vermont about Bernie? Have you been involved, or tangentially involved, in his campaign at all?

Vermont loves Bernie, I love Bernie…I went canvassing for the first time a couple weeks ago in New Hampshire before the primary, there were so many people helping they had to send us to a different town! It was an interesting and wonderful experience. I wore a Bernie button at my show last weekend in Greenfield MA, and had some great conversations as a result. Everybody is so psyched!!!! I can see in my mind’s eye the cover of the New York Times the day after his election. He’s our next president and it RULES.

Do you have a giant backlog of songs, a stockpile, that you return to to make record, or do you write new material and then when it exists you record it? Or is there yet another way?

I’ve got a bunch of songs I’ve been working on since Kleinmeister was recorded, and I’ll be recording them next month in LA. Many of them I’ll be performing at the show in Boston this weekend. So I basically record when I have enough songs written for an album.

What’s happening in Brattleboro, it’s been a while? And what’s next for you??

Brattleboro is going strong as always. A new DIY space has been created over the last year with a very nice performance space and sound system, which is just wonderful (120 Birge St). Next for me… well, going out west like I said, recording this new album with amazing musicians, very excited for that. And doing all the attendant work around that, like making a couple videos, etc. I have a couple of experimental shows coming up in April that I’m excited about: me solo on a bill with Bill Nace and Paul Flaherty, 4/24 in Greenfield. And 4/25 at Wesleyan College with Gloyd, on the bill with Chris Weisman (❤️) with Omeed Goodarzi. Gonna be a good one!


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