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Rectal Hygienics — Ultimate Purity


Rectal Hygienics are a Chicago noise-rock quartet with a sound indebted to AmRep and featuring members of other Chicago bands like Sea Of Shit and Socially Retarded. The music is scuzzy, mid-tempo hardcore sludge riffing on into oblivion. At times Rectal Hygienics sounds like a mysterious-guy hardcore, My War B-side band; they are closer to acts like Twin Stumps, Pygmy Shrews, Rusted Shut, Drunks With Guns and especially Brainbombs. Repetitive, ugly music designed to drain you of your will to live. Ultimate Purity steps the sound up from 2013’s Even The Flies Won’t Touch You, with a bigger and heavier sound that loses none of the abrasiveness in its all-encompassing assault. Think early Swans playing Brainbombs at the Super Bowl halftime show. There are plenty of other stupid analogies out there, but think: “big,” “ugly,” “sludge,” and you’re pretty much there already. Ultimate Purity is out now on Permanent Records. Grab yourself a dose of nihilism and sexual frustration or a soundtrack for your worst drug trips.

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