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2017 was a bit of a lost year for me. It was a year in which I didn’t listen to all that much new music and a year where I managed to write about even less. One of the biggest omissions from that laxness was the third album from Norwegian one-man prog-grind master Psudoku. Deep Space Psudokument – released in various formats by Behind The Mountain, Selfmadegod Records, and Drid Machine – pushes Psudoku’s sound to even further reaches of time and space, managing to sound equally a relic from the 70s and the product of a distant future. The nine songs presented here feel like a unified whole, bouncing back and forth between spastic math and free jazz and accented by psychedelic electronics and expansive grind atmosphere. The sheer scope and artistry bring to mind Discordance Axis’ The Inalienable Dreamless, but even in that album’s most atmospheric passages Discordance Axis never achieves the level of singular, paradigm-shifting experience that Psudoku has brought forth. Deep Space Psudokument is an album that breaks grindcore into something unrecognizable without ever feeling less than meticulously and intricately crafted, a total synthesis of the alien and the familiar into the uncanny. Deep Space Psudokument is a carnival siren call from the other side of a black hole – and once ventured into there can be no looking back.

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