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Some somewhat cleaner underground electronic dance music sounds have been giving me the ol’ wet willie recently. Yes it is true, these sounds forced themselves into my ears and left something behind to remind me of them by. I’ve been wallowing in the blown out fuzz, and rumble of apex/nadir kick drum and bass sounds, and all manner of flagrant skronk that it is a quasi-delight to be made to stand up and listen to some more direct, and essentially brutal sounds.

PROSTITUTES has just released the EP called SHATTER AND LOSE, a four song thing that features tracks like “Poison The Masses” a minimal piece of work featuring a drum beat that will crush your head right in before its just over 3 minutes are up. This track in particular could almost be an electro remnant of a bygone era, if not for the inherent meanness that exists somewhere hidden beneath the flippant drums and taunting cosmic synthesizer. That synthesizer continually pokes its head up from the hiding places it has found in the music; like some snake that knows it will strike and kill, but is in no rush to do so. The UK’s DIAGONAL RECORDS has released this new EP for PROSTITUTES, or producer James Donadio of Cleveland, USA. Donadio has released records on some great labels over the last few years, recording a split for OPAL TAPES, and an LP called CRUSHED INTERIOR for DIGITALIS. His music is blunt and forceful and grimy less in its sounds and more in its movement and flow. Another track from SHATTER AND LOSE, “Sold A Decade At A Time”, seems to sum up PROSTITUTES’ sound, as an otherworldly bass slowly oozes over the crass attack of gnarly, pointed synth hits. Minimal, body moving, and maybe even sometimes eerie electronic music. Couldn’t find a good sharable stream of any variety anywhere! Had to settle for the preview stream of the EP below, sorry.

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