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Crawling up through the hole underneath the porch, having escaped from the clandestine, subterranean dungeon, is PROFLIGATE. Philadelphia’s Noah Anthony (1/3 of FORM A LOG) released the CAN’T STOP SHAKING 12′ @ the end of last year, right around the time that he played HASSLE FEST 5. It followed closely after THE RED ROOM EP, and shares a vibe with that release among the PROFLIGATE canon ( which features a handful of other LPs and cassettes). GOOILAND ELEKTRO & ENFANT TERRIBLE, two Dutch labels, released this 12″ (maybe they’re just 2 parts of one entity? you tell me). And @ the time of this writing it is still the most recent PROFLIGATE release.

Melding industrial vibes, the unrelenting sounds and approach of techno, as well as noise and synth pop aesthetics PROFLIGATE’s sound is a child of the now, imbued with the clandestine knowledge of the forces behind multiple eras of electronic dance music and electronic music in general. “Can’t Stop Shaking” is a monster, bass pushing you onto the dance floor almost immediately. After you’ve gotten completely drunk on the rhythm you may notice that Anthony introduces vocals amid blasts of synth @ about the 6 minute mark; the only real vocals found on the 2 tracks here. Around the 7:30 mark the thing begins to completely unravel, which is the part of this just under 10 minute epic that noise-side-of-the-fence types will enjoy most. The bass drum never relents though, even as the track slides full on into a crusty industrial oblivion. If you want your nerve endings tingling you should probably be listening to some PROFLIGATE.

PROFLIGATE performs @ Boston Hassle & Open Loop’s monthly SCANNERS night, tomorrow 9/11/14 w/ OUTMODE (FL), VIA APP(check Matty McBride’s recent text spill), and resident DJ WON’T @ Club Bohemia in Central; Square. 9pm on the dot, as the people @ this club are sticking it to us pretty hard. Probably the last SCANNERS @ this joint… we’ll see.

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