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Texans Power Trip return with their second album, Nightmare Logic, released earlier this year on Southern Lord. Opening with an industrial rumble, the first track, “Soul Sacrifice,” soon pummels in with 80s Metallica influenced thrash metal. Their sound only grows from there, turning up the intensity to 11 and incorporating ever more crossover thrash into their sound. Nightmare Logic fits nicely beside your Slayer and Anthrax records. While the band has riffs for days and have produced one of the most fun metal albums of 2017, what really sets them apart is the album’s production. Nightmare Logic is an album that sounds huge. Nightmare Logic has the sonic scope and size of some of the best Earache albums. Snarling vocals and wild riffage pop and get your head banging from the opening note through ‘til the last. Oh and let’s not forget that Power Trip shares members with The Impalers, whose 2017 album Cellar Dweller is exceptional.

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