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Pinkwash — Cancer Money 7″


SISTER POLYGON strikes again with some more East Coast ferocity, once more proving that they are one of the most interesting labels to emerge over the last few years. This time around it’s all about Philadelphia’s PINKWASH a gnarly fucking duo who emit ugly, yet undeniable sounds bent for destroying your hearing once and for all.

The band’s name speaks to:
the activity of corporations/entities using the pink breast cancer ribbon to further their sales and public image (even while sometimes still selling products made with cancer causing ingredients!? see the documentary PINK RIBBONS INC. if you haven’t already. truly loathsome.)
the activity of corporations/entities promoting gay-friendliness in an attempt to further their sales and public image.

Either way, a great band name, and great subject matter for seeding angry music.

As for the music, we have here a kind of throwback to the early ’00s (to this particular set of mind’s ears anyway). Definitely some USAISAMONSTER style vibe-age, which I can get fully behind as an idea on its own merit. PINKWASH bring their own angry, and pissed off twist to the proceedings however, and that is what makes this band and their latest 7″ on SISTER POLYGON truly something to continue returning to. The first track on this 7,” “Cancer Money,” presumably speaks directly to the insincerity and greed orbiting around the use of the breast cancer ribbon. Of the two songs present here “Skin” is the one that has wrapped its twisted fingers all around my brain. A sludgy prog/noise rock bashing has rarely felt as good. Starting with an electronic drone and closing out with a heavy as fuck, ever building guitar and drum groove drone, this thing is 5+ minutes of wonderful spit and bile. I love when the punks pull off the prog. Must get these two up here soon. Nasty stuff.

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