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Damned & Damaged. Double whammy. PC WORSHIP lay to waste nearly all avant rock comers. Their discog is DEEP at this point and this crew still continues churning out ugly pop, neg-riffery, and tweaked rock that is tweaked like spoiled blood running through the veins of a still functioning being is tweaked, that will all be appreciated more long after they’re gone. As long as PC WORSHIP is in NYC you just know that apple is rotten.

For this new one, BURIED WISH, Justin Frye wrote the tunes, laid the ground work and then brought in the finest underground sound mercenaries he could find to finish the job (some of which double as the PC live band who we are well acquainted with in Boston, though none of you scumbags showed up to their last show… but I digress).

Drums rumble, crypto-lyrics become entangled with a crypto-sludge-folk-rock, violins mysteriously appear, runaways from some Béla Bartók composition. I can rely on this band.

“Buried Wish” offers up a rhythmically spurred drone. I can see the embers from the fire looping upwardly amidst the billowing smoke. What sets PC WORSHIP apart from so many of their “peers” is that they write great goddamn songs. “Help” is one of these songs, a tweaker gloom pop number. The violins torture this song, playing wistfully with unleashed guitars that are great here and even greater elsewhere on this record…such as can be found on the demented classic rocker “Back Of My $$$.” Best chorus on the record. Any song that can successfully incorporate nasty fuzz bass, nursery rhyme folk melodies, and doom vibes into a singular mix is doing something right (something very right). It’s this rightness that most likely keeps this band from finding larger success. Gawd love them. “River Running Sideways” is a folk rocker. Feels like a DINOSAUR JR song or something, or at least what I always wished that band’s songs sounded like (but don’t). Downer NEIL YOUNG. Guitars are wonderful here, as is the background backwards warble from start to finish.

And there’s more excellent songs and sounds to be found throughout. Go see them in your town. Buy their record. Keep this bunch around, they’ve found something special. Album cover does it for me too.


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