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Opening the Door

a glimpse of the Rochester, NH area art scene


Welcome to my world. I am a ceramic artist in Rochester, NH. In the months to come, I will take you with me on my journeys through the Rochester art scene.

The first artist I’d like you to meet is Bob Farrell. Bob is one of the most quiet and reserved artists I know. Tall and handsome, he can be downright stoic at times, never showing the disappointment that many of us feel at being rejected for a venue or not making a sale.

Bob is a family man who holds a full-time job. He is also an active cyclist and runner and is always ready to help a friend in need; personally, I have no idea how he manages to find the time to work on his art.

Now that I’ve talked about the boring parts of Bob, let me tell you what I find interesting about Bob. He has what I describe as “Future Eyes.” No, Bob can’t see the future (although it would be really cool if he could); what he can see is potential.

A few years back, Bob and his friend were having a conversation, when his friend informed him that as a kid, he would spray-paint snowballs and whip them at cars. This gave Bob the idea of using snow as a paintbrush. During the winter months, while most of us are shut in our nice little cozy homes, Bob is busy outside, setting up cans of paint as his palette and making snowballs for brushes. Each ball goes whizzing at the canvas, and the result is a unique and colorful piece of artwork. The visual effect is astounding—in fact, I liked them so much that I bought a piece from him.


Bob has a full show-plate coming up in July, showing in three traditional galleries and one nontraditional gallery.
He has two pieces in a show at “The Gallery at 100 Market,” located at 100 Market Street in Portsmouth, NH. He has a piece in a show at the Gafney Library, located at 14 High Street in Sanbornville, NH. He is showing several pieces at the Blackbird Studio and Gallery, located at 387 Somersworth Road in North Berwick, Maine. Lastly, he has a semi-solo show at Gallery 280 in Portsmouth, located at 280 Marcy Street in Portsmouth. The public is invited to the opening reception of the Gallery 280 show, which will be held on July 2, 2015 from 6 to 9pm.

Bob Farrell at 100 Market Street
*Bob Farrell with his work at 100 Market Street*

If you would like to see more of Bob’s work, please visit his pages:
Bob’s Facebook Page

You can also purchase prints and originals of Bob’s work here:

Bob’s Fine Art

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