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Editorial: Stay In


I am sure you are all aware of the covid-19 epidemic by now, if you are not then you should really read some news or check the CDC website for more information.

Though I am not a medical professional, this is my advice: wash your hands, be conscious of how disease can spread and most importantly, stay inside as much as possible to prevent the unnecessary transmission of this virus.

This is impacting everyone on biological, financial, social, and psychological levels. But the most important thing is stop to the spread of this disease to prevent unnecessary deaths, and only travel and congregate when absolutely necessary. Do not dismiss this problem. Never let stress and fear dictate your decision making.

Visit these links for more information on the Corona Virus:




Most importantly, if you would still like to resume with your regularly scheduled consumption, now is the time to support your favorite artists whose livelihood is also impacted by the Corona Virus.

While I hunker down, I suggest you still utilize our fresh stream and movie reviews for all your streaming and listening pleasure to inform your purchases.

Currently, I am listening to New Rain Duets by Marry Lattimore and Mac McCaughan and it is exceptionally relaxing.

In fact, I just bought it.

Be well everyone,
Chris H.

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