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Nü-klē-ər Blast Suntan — PROPHETIC VISIONS


Easily my top record of 2015 so far, Prophetic Visions, the second album from Nü-klē-ər Blast Suntan, finds the band at their strongest amid a move from Georgia to Oregon and a lineup change bringing in a new bassist and singer. The record continues both SPHC’s commitment to excellence and to releasing some of the wildest hardcore going. Nü-klē-ər Blast Suntan’s mix of crustcore and psychedelia sounded fully formed on their debut lp, Blot Out The Worthless Sun, yet Prophetic Visions pushes it exponentially further. Featuring arguably the band’s best production and fullest sound, the record also boasts their best songwriting. The more straightforward fury of their two 7”s is channeled into the Hawkwind-esque psychedelic rock of the first album to make something unique. Just how unique is difficult to put into words, but hey who needs words when you have Bandcamp? Stream it below. And keep your eyes peeled for more classics on the way from SPHC.

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