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Everybody’s favorite masked fleabag is BACK! NOBUNNY must still love us if he’s continuing to grace our ears with his bawdy brand of begrimed bubblegum. This song is a bummer, a little bleaker and far more introspective than I would have expected. It crawls out of a dark little hole with a guitar riff, plods along for a couple minutes, and ends abruptly. For those of us who have liven harder than we probably should have for a little too long, this song is easy to relate to. An anthem for fuck ups and deadbeats alike. But guys, don’t get TOO depressed, new song means NEW NOBUNNY ALBUM! Out on GONER on 10/15. And I feel like I should state for the record, being that my review is a little down in the dumps, THIS SONG IS GREAT. REALLY REALLY GREAT. BE A LITTLE BUMMED OUT WITH NOBUNNY, IT FEELS GOOD.

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