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Nick Storring — Endless Conjecture


What is this album about? What is anything about? On his new tape, ENDLESS CONJECTURE, the Toronto-based electroacoustic composer and multi-instrumentalist NICK STORRING summons up a richly textured, overdubbed orchestra of dissonant cacophony and extended technique (we also covered his preceding album, Gardens). His style is something like a new-millennium update of the famous avant-garde composers of the 20th century, but distinguished by his solo-recording techniques and an eclectic, studied blend of different styles and instrumentation that are alternatively obscure, popular, and worldly.

The four different tracks here evolve through countless moods and styles, each change of color sucking the listener into deeper and deeper levels of inner space. ENDLESS CONJECTURE is likely to unsettle weaklings, given how it shuns consistent melody, harmony, and rhythm, but its thick ambiance and formal chops will no doubt please the faithful. Hit up Orange Milk Records to snag a cassette copy or Storring’s very own Bandcamp for a download.

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