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Nick Branigan’s Top 10 YouTube Discoveries of 2012


Nick Branigan writes the “Know Yr Boston History” entries on the Hassle, plays the drums in Hands and Knees, and does silly stuff with The Union Square Round Table


I tried to make all of these local, but every time I go to YouTube, or get directed to something cool, too wide a net is cast to keep it entirely Boston-based. So here’s the blood, guts and sheer terror that is my YouTube journey c.2012. Thanks to Gary War and Rob Thomas- My personal YouTube gurus.

1.) Siege- Playing in a very brightly lit Gym or Masonic Hall all alone, between two American flags (1984) An absolutely unleashed and extraordinarily well illuminated appearance from these elusive Weymouth wing-nuts. Full-bore, shirtless, throat-shredding, glorious. Setting the bar high for the South Shore.

2.) Gong- I Never Glid Before- Live 1973 The only thing better than looking into the massively dialated pupils of Daevid Allen while he does herky-jerky robot dances and cavorts around like a stretched lysergic elf is knowing that: A.) Gong was Sherman Helmsley’s favorite band, and B.) Daevid Allen wasn’t even using drugs at this point.



3.) The Ultimate Warrior meets Arsenio Hall Cocaine is clearly involved here. The man can barely talk. I mean, I know that he was trying to act all beastly and fearsome, but the coke-jaw is really something on this guy.


4.) We Don’t Knock Before Dana Hersey wore Cosby sweaters and professionally introduced abysmally edited movies on TV-38, apparently he did this show. Man-on-the-street, late night show where he went places with a camera and got drunk. In this particular episode, he finds himself amongst the revelers in Kenmore Square, when it was still dirty, and still had a giant Rat in it.

5.) Shoe Nice drinks a liter of Vodka. Shoe-Nice, the unblinking, unwavering male id of the internet. It may be tough to watch for some. Be forewarned. He really drinks it.

6.) Dad Ruins Christmas Another local gem. The everyman brings in the tree, knocks over a very important piece of decoration. It is then repeated slo–mo style for another minute.

7.) Baterist Harun Good lord. Not sure what to say. I first saw this on the Lamaraba blog (one of my faves), and it left me absolutely stunned. He does indeed do the “holy wars… the punishment due” drum fill. Hope your insurance covers melted face syndrome.

8.) Kevin Coyne-Having A Party (1979) Coyne wails hard on this one. I love how bombastic and large his presence is, and that he has absolutely no idea how to play a guitar, yet manages to not embarrass himself. Or maybe he does. Anyways, this is raw stuff, and he was a misunderstood and under-appreciated artist. This song is so full of hate for the music industry, it’s hard not to relate.

9.) Rustic Hinge- Leechee The ‘hinge bring their Beefheartian skronk barrage to the idyllic English countryside, with a DIY in-camera surrealism that’s hard to beat.

10.) Fantastic Food Factory! Last, but BY NO MEANS LEAST! I dunno where I first saw this, maybe Spencer Creaturos posted it? It’s a mini-documentary of a long defunct cafe/restaurant/newsstand that existed on Comm Ave in Brighton in the 70’s. This has all the real people vibes one could ask for, interspersed with the portly proprietor and his creepy handlebar mustache trying his best to mention something sketchy and sexually harass every female that comes into the place. Also, the look of delight as he proudly boasts his large collection of dirty magazines is truly a low-point. A piece of Boston history not to be missed.


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