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Virginia freakers Gary Stevens and Jason Hodges aka MUTWAWA have been performing their hypnotic, rhythmic take on electronic noise since 2010. On their recent SUBTERRESTRIAL CREEPS EP, the Hassle Fest alums take influence from dance music, industrial, world beat and more and synthesize them into a pulsing, cacophonous and arresting whole.

The short-but-sweet opening track “Earth is Fucked” kicks off the proceedings with a raucous, menacing bang and middle track “Erosion” follows in a similarly aggressive lo-fi vein but it is closing track “Caleuche” that is the standout here.

The song rides high on a foundation of tribal, atavistic psuedo-African drum beats which sound like something Marlow would hear coming out of the woods during his search for Kurtz. It’s basically just a seven minute sustained build to nothing, but I’m pretty sure it could have kept building for twice as long without becoming even remotely boring. It’s downright trance-inducing. I imagine this track would absolutely level a live audience.

This hallucinatory fever dream of a cassette is a welcome addition to MUTWAWA’s ever-expanding discography and stands up well to repeated listenings. Give it a listen. It won’t disappoint.

Subterrestrial Creeps is available now from CNP Records.

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