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This is the album all of your friends will be talking about – and if they aren’t you may consider finding new friends. Four years after their first album and several years since ceasing to perform live, Milk Music return with Mystic 100s, out now on Dom America, their finest set of songs yet. Combining the Dino Jr riff rock alt grunge of Beyond Living with the sun-soaked Meat Puppets 90s alt rock reimagined as a jam band sound of Cruise Your Illusion, Mystic 100s features eleven songs that feel like they could go on endlessly while maintaining control and concision. Never is this more emphatic than on the 9-minute opus “Crying Wand,” a track that moves in a million directions around is guitar rock core, constantly on the verge of ending or becoming an hour long improvisation. This shifting unpredictability is what makes Mystic 100s an even more compelling album than Cruise Your Illusions. The different strands of their work is reconciled into a unified whole that is still shifting, unexpected, and downright odd – even production on the album flits between a bedroom quality and a cleaner, bigger sound. The result? An album that is grand but intimate, crunchy but hazy. In other words, one of the best rock albums so far this year. Tune in, turn on, and let’s hope the next album doesn’t take four more years.

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