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Stellar stuff here – spaced-out, star-gazing psychedelic grooves aplenty. From the electronic mouse-squeals of the opening title track, to the wasted 12-string maqamat and digital bubblescape of “Without and Within”, to the explosively bent finale of “Great Cold of the Night”, this album is massive and captivating and leaks swirling sound from every pore. Seattle’s Midday Veil (Translinguistic Other) pulled no punch, spared no expense in crafting this audible psychic vision. The textures on this LP are unreal: the gritty tape-screams and chippy chirps on “Choreia”, the creeping drone of rotary on “Remember Child”, the low hum of B3 vibrato and hauntingly dull bell-strokes on “Sun Stone”, all work together to paint a mix of anxiety and amazement, as if you’re floating in orbit above the Earth as a comet silently smashes into North America. But these textures never overshadow the grooves of the album – in fact, they heighten the cascading shuffles, the spacey funk fills, and everything in between. Don’t pass over this psychedelic delight; scope the tunes and grab a CD or LP – or the gnarly trip-show VHS – on Translinguistic Other and step into the sound.

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