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There are not many bands whose sole purpose seems to be to exude pure good vibes, but The Memories set out to do just that on their four-track album “Crash On My Heart”. With breezy, plunking guitar and oohs and ahhs straight out of a catchy sixties pop song, The Memories prove they have mastered feel-good pop rock. The album is a celebration of life’s best circumstances, from appreciating the local dispensary to not needing to label a happy relationship. The songs are impossibly mellow, filling out their sound with soothing beach noises and warm synthesizers. They are a band with a sense of humor, but even the goofy spoken word on “We Can Call it Whatever” is charming, just another part of their silly retro spirit. The band’s carefree style should come as no surprise, as The Memories are fronted by stoner spirit guru Erik Gage, who spends the rest of his time as the lead singer of equally free-spirited White Fang. Between Gage’s casual vocals and the lo-fi instrumentals, there is something pleasant and effortless about the whole album.

The Memories, with their sunny, slightly psychedelic garage rock, make music so welcoming anyone would feel they could crash on their heart. The album is out on Gnar Tapes,  a Portland label which Gage also founded and continues to run as a place that releases sweet tapes with groovy vibes into the world.

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