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Where are you from?

I grew up in Andover, Mass and now I live in Brighton. I’m super Massachusetts, like my whole family.

How long have you been producing art?

I was always making art as a kid, like crafting and drawing. I really started to think about it as a career in high school. Then I went to MassArt […] and I studied animation. It was something I never thought I could do.

I try to be doing art all the time, but my daytime job is a framer at the Framer’s Workshop . I love working there.

Post- grad there are so many art opportunities in Boston that people don’t know about. Just talk to people, trade Instagram handles or be like “hey, there’s this gallery this weekend.” i felt really discouraged coming out of school. But there are people looking for other like-minded people. Now I’ve come to realizing there are people interested in the same things.


So what’s your work all about? How would you describe your style?

I feel like I’ve come into this style where I’m focused on linework. After art school, you get all this feedback and it takes you awhile to develop your own style.

My favorite thing to draw is food. I love drawing cheese and oysters […] I just like the way cheese looks, it’s so fun to draw. That’s why for the theme of the paper, I wanted to choose a theme I was excited to make.

How did you find out about the Compass? Where do you pick up your copies?

I met Sam and Emma at Framer’s Workshop, actually. They were getting something framed and after that I went to a volunteer hang, a year ago. I always kind of knew about the Compass, I saw it around and I started distro-ing at Brookline Village and Coolidge Corner.

It’s close to my heart. I’ve been more devoted the past year. I just always would’ve loved to do the art for the Compass. Emma asked me in March and I was like “yes, yes, yes!”

What was designing Issue 110 like?

I looked at some past drawings and looked at what would work for the issue. I just googled “cheese”. For the header I really liked the negative space I created […] the wiggly negative space.


Do you have anything cool happening now or coming up?

It’s funny, this woman who teaches art classes, Amy Sullivan hit me up on Instagram and asked if I wanted to do a gallery show. So I guess I’m doing a gallery show this Friday (April 5) which I’ve never done before. When I first saw the notification, I was freaking out.


What’s your favorite kind of cheese?

Oh my god, it’s so hard. I would have to say probably goat cheese. But I’ve always really liked brie, they all have such great qualities. Okay, for the record, I would have to say brie.


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