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April is over and we can momentarily say goodbye to the chaos, discomfort, malnutrition and anxiety that is the annual Punk fest. DC and NYC- it was swell.

Moving on we start out the month with legendary Hardcore powerhouse INFEST playing May 1st and 2nd in Cambridge at both The Middle East and Hardcore Stadium. May 9th it’s the return of KOWARD playing the BoilerRoom with PDXers BIMARKS. May 15th it’s a little something for everyone with BOSTON STRANGLER/RED DEATH(dc) and THE FLEX(uk) at the Democracy Center and FULL OF HELL(md)/THE BODY(pvd) and HUMAN BODIES playing the Middle East but after those gigs spend the night with SADIST, providing a nightcap with TIMEGHOST(pvd) and HIDE(chicago) across town at Deep Thoughts JP. Rounding off the month, DRI will be playing May 27th at the Mill City Ballroom in scenic Lowell, Massachusetts.



Members: Diana – vocals, Anna – guitar, Meghan – drums, Elaine – bass (get it? D A M E)

and now we’ve added Lauren on synth but nobody wanted to change the name to L’DAME.

Influences: Rubella Ballet, Joy Division, Christian Death, Metallica

Lyrical content: Body horror, COINTELPRO, casual despair

Releases: None yet, but we’ll be releasing a demo tape as a summer blockbuster

Future: Just that so far, and then everything else. What are you, our mother?

Closing Statement: Damed if ya do, Damed if ya don’t.

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