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Mark Johnson is now Winj and he is getting ready to blast us with electronics TONIGHT (12/9)

WINJ streams on the Boston Hassle instagram live 12/9 @ 8pm and it'll be wicked & curiously cool.


WINJ streams on the Boston Hassle instagram live 12/9 @ 8pm and it’ll be wicked & curiously cool.

Dan Shea:
How’s the Connecticut life?

Mark Johnson:
It’s been great being back in New England and living in a small beach town during this pandemic. Having spaces like a backyard, beach, woods and marshland is good for soul always but especially right now. Feel lucky to of ended up here right now.

Is this All Gone tape the first Winj release? Wound you describe Winj as different from your other projects in any way?

That was the first tape that was under the Winj name. One other tape so far has been released by Tall Tapes and theres some one offs out there.
I had noticed my style shifting from the energetic snap that guided Truck Stanleys Night Dreams, to a more long form approach. More murk and textures just kind of meandering and doing their thing.

What have you been eating?

Lots of new haven pizza. Sallys is my favorite thus far. Lots of great food and farms around here.

Did you miss the ritual of visiting haunted houses this year?

i actually visited a community one called Haunted Isle put on by The Shoreline Trolley Museum. It was outside and everyone acting in it was masked and it was like time slotted so you went in on your own and actors kept 6 plus feet. It was really weird but amazing as well.

What can we expect from your stream? Where will the world next turn Mr Winj?

Im not really sure. Hopefully it all doesn’t sound like complete garbage.

Im making music here in Short Beach and i have some tapes in the works and always down to make one offs of what im working on.

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