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Lord Felix of Brockton talks Covid times

How is this stellar Brockton rapper dealing in these Covid times?


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This conversation took place over email @ the end of march/ beginning of april 2020.

Dan Shea:
So, who are you and where are you?

Lord Felix:
I’m Lord Felix, an artist, designer from Brockton Mass and a member of Van Buren Records.

How are folks in Brockton reacting to this Covid situation? How has it affected your life this far, if at all yet?

It’s definitely been really weird. I’ve just been stuck in the house or the studio. The streets of Brockton are usually pretty busy with traffic but right now it looks like a ghost town haha.

Musically it kinda sucks because i had two shows this week canceled. One of ‘‘em was the Sob x RBE show and the other one was a show at the Isabelle Stewart Gardner museum. Those two hurt. I was real excited to hit the stage.

Wow, two shows cancelled already in these early stages. That sucks. Do you have other shows booked already? Are you planning other future shows or are you holding off for now to see where things are headed? Where was the Sob x RBE show?

Yeah pretty much everything in March and April are postponed. I had a few other shows next month that also got canceled including one with Connis.

For the time being I’m just perfecting my craft, planning the summer out, and climbing new mountains. I’ve been experimenting with 3d design and a little bit of coding.

What kind of design/coding projects are you working on? Also your latest INFARED EP rips. What’s next on the recording front?

Nothing in particular. I just think code and 3D is something i should have at least a basic understanding.

Thank you bro! Right now I’m just recording trying to find the next sound. I got a lot free time right now so I’ve been experimenting a lot

Excited to hear what comes of all this experimentation. Who are some of your influences musically, artistically, AND how do you think these events, this time we’re going through might affect you musically, if at all?

I’ve always been inspired musically by Jay, Lil Wayne, Kanye, Outkast, and Jay Electronica. They are what i consider masters of the craft and I study a lot of the moves they make. Recently I’ve been inspired by musical groups such as Wu-Tang and how they move as a unit but also as individuals. Because that’s who I see VB most comparable too.

If anything, I think these times have helped me creatively. You’re kinda forced to tap in to your inner self with a lot less distractions. My dreams have been a lot more vivid. My mind has been a lot more clear so in turn the music should be a lot more transparent at least. As far as the actual production, it’s tough because I prefer linking up with producers and making songs on the spot. So I don’t know if the music will be better. Only time will tell. I’m not stressing it because I know what I can do.

I’ve been a lot more creative outside of music. Designing, coming up with marketing plans, video ideas, etc. I’ve been designing a lot for myself and for clients and I even designed a 3d face filter of the signature shades for Instagram. I think I might’ve needed a break from society haha.

What do you use to record? Is that your usual process, or have you switched it up because of our situation?

I usually use Pro Tools and Logic. Logic for the demos and that’s what I’m kinda forced to use right now. They’re shutting down the studio for the time being so I’mma be using logic for everything.

Word keep demo-ing! So is this situation affecting your job situation in any way?

I do freelance graphic design jobs on the side and the quarantine kind of been helping me get new clients and staying creative. I guess one door closes and another one opens.

Wow good news finally!!! That’s great to hear.

Ok, I’ll conclude by asking if we can expect to hear some new LORD FELIX sounds any time soon, coming out of these Covid times? Great talking to. Stay safe.

We have this new series called VB Tuesdays where were gonna drop something every Tuesday this month. So I may or may not have some heat on the way *devil face emoji*.

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