Looks Like Mountains – Don’t Let It Ruin Your Life


Bittersweet and contemplative, Looks Like Mountains’ latest release, Don’t Let It Ruin Your Life, packs an emotional and melodic punch. The album follows up 2016’s Quick, Before We’re All Dead!, and features the same charm while exploring a new sonic step forward.

The album starts with “Boston’s Finest,” presenting the opportunity to note that Looks Like Mountains is one of Boston’s finest musical projects (an opportunity I will gladly seize). The track sets the tone with an eclectic collection of instrumentation and a cheery demeanor with a dark, if not melancholy, edge.

“Great Experience” takes the opportunity to stand out at about midway through the album. Really, the song is representative of the album itself; it’s inherently catchy with poppy elements (like dancing vocals that descend playfully) while also experimenting with tempo and melodies. This experimentation is what takes the album to a higher level. Every track engages the ear with instrumentation that appears slightly out of sync, when in reality, each sound and tone chimes in at precisely the right moment to create a welcome texture—and a stellar album.

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