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Plinth is an elemental architectural unit that serves as the base of a column or statute, negotiating between said structure and the ground. Plinth is also the ambient electro-acoustic project of Dorset-based Michael Tanner. This bloke has been doin the one-man bedroom symphony thing for a while now, constructing quiet, meditative ditties full of restrained guitar strumming, glacial string movements and, of course, toy piano. These tunes wrap you up like a warm blanket, fill your susceptible mind with bittersweet melancholia and a vague sense of nostalgic yearning, and send you off to drift through sentimental reveries without even a touch of irony or distance. The perfect accompaniment to your Easter sunday in-bed tea party. Check out Plinth’s latest release, Collected Machine Music, off Time Released Sounds. Like one of Proust’s madeleines in the shape of a music box, it’ll unlock your delicate mind so you can try to find all that lost time.

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