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Mind bending hybrid metal magic from Dover, NH, and I am a bit obsessed. DISUNICORPS wages war against run of the mill metal gameplans; confusing, astounding, and bringing this non-devout metalhead a great deal of riff happiness. What this is is hard to say without lapsing into explanations that fail to do this music justice, but here goes: heavy doses of classic metal guitar harmonies meet kind of black metal vocals, driving synths, slamming programmed drums, and an unholy amount of turns into very pop territory. On the surface this combo sounds horrible, or even impossible, but this is true to the core, and it is amazing. Just when you think things are going to get too silly, or that that movie dialogue sample is taking away from the proceedings everything gets righted and you are once again pumping your fist. Class weird metal, that’s what this is, and heavy as fuck at times. SYNONYMY is the new record from DISUNICORPS. “Ironsick Heart” gets going with twisting, lurching guitar/synth riffage that melts away into a very poppy, black metal screeched chorus. With “Celebrity Death Hoax” things get heavy with a grinding riff, blasting drums, and in your face black metal growl. Amazing and brief anguished scream breakdown. “Future Strangers” features some of those majestic guitar harmonies, and some serious groove. Synth breakdowns plus those winding guitar leads have me in a real Wizards and Warriors state of mind. All of these tracks are brief, and most beg for repeated listens. Non-metal fucks should find good listening here, and I think there’s enough metal realness here for the metal men and women to latch onto too. Woah. Fuck yes New Hampshire.

– DS

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