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When rooftop parties and lying on the beach get to be a bit monotonous, check out the dark, cruel and vice-filled sounds of Death Grips. Underlying each track is heavy and inventive percussion by Zach Hill, the weirdo behind Hella, who formed the band with friends from Sacramento, Ca. Every song is sample-drenched and includes recordings of hobos screaming and  lunatics mumbling against other samples of surf guitars, gooey synths and 80‘s drum machines. Rapping above all of it is MC Ride, who screams his rhymes and says cool shit like “I fuck the music/ I make it come”.  All the elements together make scary punk/industrial hip-hop, and it’s really where the future of the genre should go. While most hip-hop makes murder and crime look like fun, Death Grips makes it look terrifying, and the fervor inside ExMillitary makes it one of the most important albums of the summer.

by Alison Kozol

Death Grips – Exmilitary by deathgrips


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