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Cooper Crane from CAVE continues on his mission to provide amazing modern electronic drone based sequences that pulsate with the rhythms and freshness of the original kraut/kosmische methods(CLUSTER, HARMONIA, etc.). A few records under his belt already as BITCHIN’ BAJAS(on labels like IMPORTANT and PERMANENT), and here’s another called VIBRAQUATIC. And oh does it drone, and release, and drone and release, an in the zone drone dance eruption. The soundtrack to a rolling, sweaty night with your loved one, or an evening with just you and your blacklights, or for the few among us who are able, a front row seat floating through space. This is powerful music for particular enlightened moods. I hope you can find your way into its space. “Prismatic Reflections” opens things up and yeah, this song is appropriately named. It’s actually the tune I’ve been listening to as I wrote what you’ve rad so far, so all of that directly applies here. Just a shimmering flow of synthesizers raining down upon the listener for 17 minutes. If you need to ease the pain of your work day, please listen to this. And the record continues on in this same manner, complete chill zone sounds, working with a raga along the way(on the wonderfully titled “Bajas Ragas”). The record also comes as a DVD where it is paired with the visuals of Olivia Wyatt, which we haven’t seen yet, but when we get some downtime you can bet we will. Out on KALLISTEI RECORDS.



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