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Absolutely devastating left of center black metal from this German band. Their new record CONSOLAMENTUM is out on WTC PRODUCTIONS and it is a dense, epic listen. There are many black metal touches on this record, but what really grabs me is the incorporation of metal ideas from throughout the ages. The drums are often a black metal blur but the guitars soar with triumphant solos, and crushing riffs, and at times some real thrash feel chug/blazing solo combination. This is black metal from serious metal minds. It’s really hard to pick a favorite here, but “Fire and Faith” would have to be it for me. The tune starts off with an ominous film sample that gives way to an immediate rush and wallop of drums and riffage. Enter the vocalist incanting, working between growl and a low, almost whisper over the continuing guitar slaughter. About half way through the songs gives way to one of the heaviest plodding riffs I’ve heard in a while. Lead guitar takes over and sails off, winding all over, in and out of metal territory. The guitar leads at the end are as majestic as can possibly be, until the whole thing unwinds back into the assault of the song’s opening. Damn. Listen to this. ASCENSION is a band that knows its history, but has something new to express, which is of course the best kind of band.


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