Bedroom Singles invites New England musicians to tinker with the arrangements and performances of a song in a series of one-off recordings in an apartment studio. Lisa/Liza took the opportunity to expand her melancholic outsider folk from within, here building and juxtaposing additional textural layers sourced from the central melody. “Homecoming” thus becomes a hypnotic cycle of different doublings: the upper voice of the finger-picked guitar, the glockenspiel breaks, and (most interestingly) the phasing of double-tracked vocal vibrato.

The result is somber and spacious, a child’s lullaby played with the uneasy reverence of a Chopin nocturne. The vocals are all gentle vowels, like a memory you cherish but are losing. One is left with questions: Where is the brushed military march of the snare driving this homecoming procession? Are the doublings the joining of separate voices or the distortion of one?

The art is a perfect visual representation of this song: a humble image of a patterned rug, the sun streaming on it through a window, the light and shade playing against the perception of the pattern as the eye moves through it.

Lisa/Liza will be on tour this October, so keep a look out.

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