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It’s been said that LIQUOR STORE‘s 2nd LP “In The Garden” (out now, ALMOST READY RECORDS) sounds “arena rock” but I beg to differ. These guys fit in more so with the kinds of fuckers depicted in Heavy Metal Parking Lot. They’re more apt to do all of your drugs and drink all of your booze, and instead of going to that Judas Priest show they’ll be writing this record in a basement in between passing out on the floor and booty calling your girlfriend.

I asked Liquor Store mastermind Sarim Al-Rawi about the new album and he told me, “I’d just cozied up for nap-time at Bin Laden’s, when Seal Team Six busted through the ceiling and woke me up with a couple rounds to the throat. Luckily I had a crack lawyer and with all the settlement money I was able to get a good deal from an honest mechanic on an extra set of man eggs and a new pair of Reeboks (the Navy stole my sneakers during the burial at sea) and so I have returned as a humble phoenix ready to spread my wings and splooge. Best record I never bought.”

Confused? Don’t be. This is all you need to know, it’s only rock-n-roll, and there is absolutely no doubt that Liquor Store have a kung-fu grip on the concept. Play this loud enough to annoy the neighbors, try to wrap your head around all those guitars, and crack open a beer or 30.

Stream the whole album HERE for now (apologies that there is no way to embed it, but I promise clicking that link will be worth it) or just buy it from ALMOST READY!

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