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Le TRASH CAN stares @ us from Montreal. It is difficult to see Le TRASH CAN from here, the border issuing some unseen and unknowable field which freely offers clarity but in reality sticks a pile of static into your blood stream through a long needle attached to a syringe. What I can see though is a collection of 10 miniatures, in this trash can reality known as “riots”, piled together there.

“The greater the passion, the greater the riot.” is the well known Montrealer phrase.

There is a discernible beauty in creating a series of events that take place over a short period of time, boxing the bauble up, and displaying a collection of such all along next to one another. One is churning, then creating a bounce with its rhythms. Another is buzzing, climaxing and releasing and repeating!!
Look away and separately, individually they’ll be over. Nothing over 1:31. Most not even close. Take them in one right after another! There’s another stomping at me in the night, standing still. I want them all. In some spirit with ROLLING ACRES in some weird way that I can’t exactly describe, I think. Experimental electronic stuff. Thank you Le TRASH CAN. Thank you Montreal. Thank you GOD ATHLETICS for releasing this electronic spittle (2) across the face of this worn out world. Le TRASH CAN is a great band name and I also enjoy this album cover.

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