L U C Y – Cooper B Handy’s Album Vol. 6


L U C Y (aka Cooper B Handy) returns with his first album of 2019, Cooper B Handy’s Album Vol. 6. As indicated by the title (6!!!) L U C Y’s discography is extensive, and as I’ve realized from my deep dive into albums 1-5, there is a lot to learn.

#6 follows the same formula as the previous installments. Cooper opens with modest, contemplative bedroom noise and piles on frantic energy as the album progresses, eventually ending with the cryptic ‘BYEBYEBYE’. One of the main differences with Vol. 6 is found within the tools used for delivery, like the traditional piano on ‘1 THING’ (which also has a pretty wild video) and the 90’s hip-hop beats mixed into ‘WORRIED’. But like we’ve heard in the past, Cooper remains transparent and expressive, taking us down the paths of his late night spirals.

There is much, much more exploring for me to do into Cooper’s work. I recommend clicking around his Bandcamp if you find yourself in a rut, because you’ll get sucked into a vast expanse of 90 second tracks that ask big questions. For more about Cooper, Zach Phillips wrote an awesome feature back in December on the advent of BEST OF LUCY VOL. II: 2015-2017. We also have an interview from 2017. For some upcoming live action, Lucy performs at O’Brien’s with Moon King on Tuesday, June 11th, before heading across the pond for some Euro shows.

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