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Debut solo single unleashes the fun and freaky side of Boston


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It’s sadly too rare in Boston for an artist to put out a proper turn-up record. For whatever reason, the Boston independent music scene empowers people to make music that has an intellectual or cultural bent, records that are high concept and require second or third listens just to grasp all the nuances. This is hardly a thing to balk at, but it does stand in contrast to how other regional music scenes churn out upbeat dance/bootyshake/twerk records. Maryland and New Jersey have Baltimore and Jersey Club music respectively; the Bay has hyphy; New Orleans quite famously is the birthplace of bounce. So how does a highbrow Bostonian learn how to let go and put out a record that is high energy, lyrically catchy, and just plain fun?

Boston’s own Kweeng Doll (@theofficialkweengdoll) has the formula with his most recent record, “Hercules”. The single is a high-energy, trap-inspired dance record, produced by Machine/Club Café resident DJ Begbick, filled with oscillating synths and a bassline to make your mouth water. Kweeng Doll lays down some bars about a potential suitor, words jumping around the beat like a schoolyard wiz under the double dutch rope. A choice lyrical cut: “I’mma sling that ass back like a sling shot / We bouncing back and forth like a motherfuckin’ ping pong / He a fine ass n****, this his theme song” Though the object of Kweeng Doll’s affection is, undoubtedly, a man with the messiah, this record could motivate anyone of any inclination to dance with just how much fun it is.

“Hercules” is a blueprint for even more fun dance records that could light Boston up from Queens’ Dinner to Queeraoke. Says producer Begbick about the track:

“There are NO loops. It is all single-shot samples and virtual drum machines & synthesizers. I have to say, I worked the fuck out of these drum machines & synths, and my audio production lessons paid the fuck off. I did TONS of subtle cuts and edits and chopped up the vocals like a boss.  gave an intense, overtly sexual vocal on this tune that was so much fun to work with. This shit knocks, and is explicit and QUEER AS FUCK. THANK YOU, #KWEENGDOLL!!!!”

As we move from #HotGirlSummer into cuffing season, let’s enjoin more (queer-friendly) turn-up anthems for those of us who are living their best single life.

“Hercules” now available for streaming on all major platforms. Be sure to catch Kweeng Doll premiere “Hercules” LIVE at Yaasss Thursdays at Club Café on October 24. Also, save the date December 14th for the release of Kweeng Doll’s upcoming mixtape!

HASSAN GHANNY is a writer, performer, and music journalist based in Boston, MA. He can be found on Instagram @diaspora.gothic.

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