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Kleistwahr — This World Is Not My Home


Like few others in music, the majority of power-electronics projects that came out of the UK in the ’80s have only improved with age. Although bands like Ramleh and Whitehouse were strong right out of the gate, the 21st century has seen some of their finest work—Whitehouse’s Bird Seed and Asceticists 2006 rank among their best. Other projects, like Consumer Electronics, have only really hit their full potential in recent years—the latter’s Crowd Pleaser and Estuary English far surpass any of their previous releases. Kleistwahr is yet another project that has benefited from its continuous 30-odd years of existence. Helmed by Gary Mundy, the man behind Ramleh and a former member of Consumer Electronics and Skullflower, Kleistwahr sees a large leap forward with This World Is Not My Home, out on Fourth Dimension Records. The earlier releases, primarily on Mundy’s Broken Flag label, play as fairly standard power electronics and often feel like a more sedate Male Rape Group. This World Is Not My Home, however, melds noise with more ethereal synths to create something similar to Yellow Swans, namely their masterpiece, “Mass Mirage,” from At All Ends. The effect is both beautiful and harsh.

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