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Get ready for KLYAMs 2016 RAMA LAMA DING DONG this coming April, showcasing some of Boston’s raddest local performers. A three day festival, it starts on the 28th, and ends on the 30th. Headlining the fest on Saturday at the Middle East nightclub is the funky, beloved Guerrilla Toss. Kassie Carlson is a riot, and can take you on a punk tribal trip. What’s even better than their new album Eraser Stargazeris watching them perform live… get a dose of their signature flood:

On Friday, The Monsieurs, will be headlining the night. If you’re not familiar with Andy California by now, this freakish performer (and The Monsieurs’ front man) is worth checking out. Their classic dirtbag-punk sound is the jumping off point for their brave noise adventures. Come see the refreshing freakiness for yourselves:

Black Beach is performing  Friday night too. If you haven’t heard their new LP Shallow Creatures, hell it’s worth a listen! It’s loud, raw and rocks like Johnny Rotten meeting the Doors. They’re one of the bands you need to go out to see:

Next on the line up is cunt punk heaven with Electric Street Queens. They’ll provide a bad-ass performance that will make you want to roar and bang head to their obscure riffs and killer attitude:

Glad to know that The Barbazons are playing the RAMA LAMA DING DONG fest too. They are fresh, fun and you can’t discount their impact on the Hub’s local rock scene.

The Prefab Messiahs; a legendary psych rock band, originated in Worcester, MA. And they’re playing too! They join the punksters and garage rockers @ this shindig. Sometimes the audience needs to trip out after rioting. The Messiahs are perfect for that:


Whether it’s their track “19”:

Or “Tickle Tackle”:

Gravel are not to be missed because it ain’t easy to find female post-punk/ garage rockers with sharp and meaningful lyrics.

KLYAM included Scully in the fest from our neighboring state of New York. A fuzzy sensation of a band with dense guitar riffs and sweet sounding melodies, take a listen to “Deny“:

Boston‘s own Beware The Dangers of A Ghost Scorpion is playing @ RAMA LAMA DING DONG and we’re going to have a ball when they play! Colorfully textured, tasteful, and overdriven by playful emotions. Join the surf of Boston’s turf:

I don’t know how KLYAM managed to talk Mike Mountain into the fest, but we’re super psyched to see them in action. They shift from light to dark, and it’s pure rock:

Johnnie And The Foodmasters are bizarre, like their names. A bunch of musicians who are punk at heart piled up and started performing classic Rock ‘N’ Roll covers, so make sure to tune in, dance, twist & shout!


Here is a list of remaining bands @ RAMA LAMA DING DONG. Through intense labor, we carefully selected tracks for your enjoyment. Rock on:


Click for the RAMA LAMA DING DONG on Facebook . For more info about KLYAMcheck their Facebook page. To grab merch from some of the bands performing @ the fest, browse the online store. Most importantly, don’t forget to get your the limited 2 day show pass!!

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