Early Warning

EARLY WARNING: The Boognish Beckons You to Paradise

Ween plays the Lake Champlain waterfront in Burlington on sunday 7/29


A great New England summer opportunity calls this sunday, as Ween devotees (those who are one with the Boognish) descend upon the shores of the great Lake Champlain. Champlain makes up a great chunk of New England’s western watery border, is a beautiful natural site, and of course even has its own monster. You almost couldn’t ask for a better setting to see one of the greatest bands in the land (of course I did see Ween on Boston Harbor last year, and then there was that time I saw them on that pier in Portland, ME and that was incredible too).

Some folks live the Juggalo lifestyle, some people caravan around after Phish, others are still chasing the ghost of the Grateful Dead. I personally see Ween as often as I possibly can during the summer months (which usually isn’t very often because I never have any money). This is my New England chance to commune with the Boognish and I plan to do so fully spirited in a great Vermont town. Think about joining me & Ween?!

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