Keytar Bear Reveals Summer Plans and Why He’s So Great at Playing the Keytar


So I managed to track down the elusive Keytar Bear. Unless you ride your skateboard to work or whatever, anyone who rides the MBTA, even infrequently, should immediately recognize this local legend. But let’s face it, a dude busking in a suit and shredding a keytar is not some shit you just forget. Keytar Bear frequently plays inside various underground T stops and has been spotted above ground in Harvard Square, but in order to see him work his magic you’ve usually got to go find him. That’s all going to change when Keytar Bear takes the stage at the Midway in JP alongside fellow beloved Boston street performer the Space Lady and bona fide nuts Absolute Paradise and Duck That. Below are the few words we could get out of him. If you want more, we suggest you try in person.

Boston Hassle: How long have you been street performing?

Keytar Bear: About three years.

BH: Where is your favorite place to perform?

KB: Somerville.

BH: Why Somerville? Is there a particular spot you like because of the people or the atmosphere?

KB: I like the people.

BH: I heard you will retire the suit for the summer; what do you plan to do for summer?

KB: Look for a job at McDonald’s or something.

BH: Could I ask you for your first name and where you come from?

KB: I’m from Mattapan and I am now living in Worcester. The name is anonymous.

BH: That’s cool, I can respect that you want to remain anonymous. Kind of like Daft Punk, do you like them?

KB: Love ’em.

BH: I love Daft Punk too! Their last album was so good, do you ever play any of their songs?

KB: Yea, “Celebrate.”

BH: How did you get so good at playing the Keytar? Do you play songs or mostly improvise?

KB: Mostly I jam, it’s a natural born talent.




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