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The members of Joanna Gruesome, a five piece noise-pop band from Cardiff, Wales, initially met and bonded in an anger management group – and it turns out anger management is a really good place to get a band together. Channeling all their aggressive emotional energy into “Weird Sister”, their first full length LP, they’ve managed to create a delightful frenzy of smart and dangerous indie-pop. Powering this album is singer Alanna McCardle’s impressive and versatile voice, one that expertly waltzes between a sweet and calm sincerity and growling intensity. Her relentless vocal styling is interrupted only occasionally by the back-up vocals of guitarist Owen, who’s equally fervent, but lower and more steadying voice seems to criss-cross paths with McCardle’s creating an interesting contrast. Together they readily deliver the bold and blunt lyrics that do not shy away from darker topics and imagery, and under the force and fun of the album is an abundance of meaning. The entire release has a frantic urgency to it, and the epic storm of fuzzy guitar sound and heavy thud of drums hurtle along endlessly; yet the whole album is also punctuated with subtle hooks and melody, and truly catchy tunes are shaped out of the chaos.

Sure to follow in the footpaths of of noisy pop pros like Los Campesinos! and grunge royalty Speedy Ortiz, both of whom are acts they have toured with successfully in the past, Joanna Gruesome are a band to keep an eye on.

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