BANDSPEAK, Interview, Upcoming Boston Hassle Shows

Jesus Vio speaks with the Hassle just a little bit before his Boston show

Jesus plays @ Trendy Shit Town on friday 1/24 for a Boston Hassle show. [email protected] for info


Dan Shea:
For those who may not know, you’re back in MA, out in W Mass. Fill us in, what brought you back, what are you up to, and how are you enjoying the Pioneer Valley?

Jesus Vio:
When I finished recording Dutch Science in Nashville I was in need of change for my music, visual art and poetry. There are many people active in the arts in Nashville and neighboring cities but I felt like being in the northeast was a good place for me, personally. I always felt like I was going to end up in Nashville since the first time I visited it on tour, and magically I did, and it was awesome, but I also always felt that Western Mass could be a place I would end up in because I also visited here on tour, and it felt like a good vibe at the time. It’s so close to neighboring cities like Boston, Providence, and New York that I felt like taking the chance of change and move here. It was a great decision to move here. The nature is very beautiful and inspiring, people are doing really creative and innovative things, and I have found a lot of opportunity as a musician, poet and artist.

I’ve been a fan of your songs going all the way back to Camp Hope (and of course on through Free Pizza and now recording under your own name). What’s changed about your songwriting over the years? What’s different about your new latest DUTCH SCIENCE??

After I wrote Dutch Science, I realized that as a solo project I had a lot more creative space but that I would take 3 times the effort to make songs happen, considering I’m the one producing and managing the process. The good thing is that I have a ton of creative energy, so I’ve grown to be open to a variety of new song writing methods and sounds. I can make very in the moment decisions or give myself prompts, topics or goals like write a song in a day if its good work on it, if it sucks trash it and move on. I have been collaborating with a lot of different musicians and they always take my songs to unexpected places in the best of ways. I guess the main difference is that I’m not the song writer of a punk band with a specific vibe, instruments, and collaborative decision making, I guess. Dutch Science was great because I was being really creative, loose and free with myself and the musicians in the song writing process. Working with Cornelia and Austin made up a fundamental value of my songs and that’s having a variety of collaborators influence the final outcome with a lot of creative space and support in the production process.

Who’s your band?

My band is my ensemble of varying musicians interpreting different songs I wrote. I’m really thankful to play with so much good talent.

You’re spending a good amount of time making visual art these days as well right? Can you tell us about that?

I’m making landscape collage. I’ve created a series of different motives for contemporary landscapes using mixed media. You can see my work and read my artist statement on my website Currently I’m working on a new body of work to exhibit.

You’ve written some amazing love letters to Boston in the form of song. What’s your favorite and will we hear any on Friday?? Also working on any new music??

Dutch Science is a little about all cities and we will play that for sure. My favorite one is called JP from my record “Debes Siempre Estar Contento Jesus…”

Check out Jesus Vio LIVE in Boston…


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