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“Dried Out” is the second track off the Demo II from Syracuse’s Japanese Furnace, who feature members of Hunted Down, White Guilt, and Sunken Cheek among others. While the band’s first demo, from 2013, was a noise fueled take on NYHC/beatdown, the new demo expands their focus further. Retaining the angry mosh jams, Japanese Furnace bring a more metallic sound. If the first demo sounded like Rorschach, then this sounds closer to Deadguy. This demo features more of a Japanese hardcore bent to it as well, echoes of soniCRIME Therapy era GISM. Japanese Furnace takes what you’d come to expect from Assault City hardcore and gives it their own distinctive spin. Grab a copy while you can from Prime Ruin and keep your eyes open for live dates.

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